Saturday, February 17, 2007

SketchUp Tutorials Added

I'm posting some of my previous work in SketchUP onto Youtube. I recorded eight tutorials to help students at Lehigh University learn basic CAD skills required for Civil Engineering and Architecture.

I just uploaded these videos to Youtube. This project is still in 'Beta' phase. As of time of writing, Youtube has not finished processing all of these, so some of them don't work. I have not checked them for logistics errors either (blurriness, sound too loud/quiet, etc). Leave comments about any problems are email me bplennon at gmail.

T01 - Manufacturer Intro

T02a - Drawing in 3-D - Part1of2
T02b - Drawing in 3-D - Part2of2

T03 - Axes and Inferences

T04 - Drawing a Simple House

T05a - Using the Move Command
T05b - Moving Lines and Vertices
T05c - Creating Useful Objects with MOVE

T06 - Viewing Your Model

T07 - Measurements and Construction Lines

T08a - Overhanging Roof Part1of2
T08b - Overhanging Roof Part2of2

T09a - Exact Dimensions Part1of3
T09b - Exact Dimensions Part2of3
T09c - Exact Dimensions Part3of3

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